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Business Broker Vancouver

Business Broker Vancouver, was established in 2006 to facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses in all industries, throughout the Lower Mainland Area (Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver), by providing an extensive network. Business Broker Vancouver, is redefining the business brokerage industry with creative solutions and a comprehensive sales process that aides both business buyers and sellers in making decisions that will have a profound impact on the quality of their lives. Our mission is to create personal relationships based upon honesty, integrity, and professionalism that go beyond the purchase or sale of a business. We will always strive to make sure that the business is the perfect fit for both buyer and seller.

5% Commission

Business Broker Vancouver's rates are the most competitive with proven results


Our creative marketing strategy ensures your business finds the right buyer fast


We will guide you through the extensive sales process at every turn

Featured Listings

Below are some of our Featured Business Listings

Auto Body Shop

This is an excellent opportunity to own a business that has been proudly serving the interior BC are

$ 785,000

Our Blog

Open blog

Marina & Boat Dealership

This is a rare opportunity to own an exciting and profitable well established freshwater, boat and water sports centre in British Columbia nada. The business operates year round with multiple sources of revenue, and includes sales of mult

|admin 0

Pet Supply Business

This well-established family business has enjoyed a respected legacy and reputation for ge

|admin 0

Auto Body Shop with

This is an excellent opportunity to own a business that has been proudly serving the inter

|admin 1
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